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How To Perform Falun Gong Or Falun Dafa

Exercise One – Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms

The heart of this exercise is to stretch in order to open up the meridians or energy pathways of the body. The Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms can help beginners gain energy within a short span of time, while those who have been practicing for some time may facilitate improvement. Prior to the start of this exercise, all the energy channels need to be opened up to help practitioners perform faster at a higher level. The Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms is made up of movements that are really simple since the Chinese believe a Great Way should be easy and simple to learn. Although the movements are quite uncomplicated, they influence everything that plays a part in the cultivation system. Your body will feel warm when you do this exercise, and you will feel a new sensation something like a powerful energy field surrounding your body. These experiences are brought about by the stretching and dilating of all the meridians all over the body. The goal is to access the areas where the flow of energy is obstructed to restore the smooth and free flow of energy, to move the energy under the skin and all over the body in a vigorous manner, and to take in from the universe a significant amount of energy. At the same time, this exercise assists the practitioner in quickly achieving the state of acquiring a qi gong energy field. Considered as the most basic Falun Gong exercise, the Buddha Stretching a Thousand Arms is traditionally the exercise that’s first performed when practicing Falun Gong. If you want to build up your cultivation, this is one of the best methods to achieve it.

Exercise Two – Falun Standing Stance

The Falun Standing Stance is the second exercise in Falun Gong. It is a standing still exercise that involves four wheel-holding positions. The movements are few and you may need to hold each position for some time. If you are doing this exercise for the first time, your arms might at first feel achy and heavy. But afterwards, your entire body won’t actually feel any fatigue usually associated with the performing of physical work; in fact, it will make you feel extremely relaxed. If you decide to notch up the duration and frequency of the exercise, you may feel a Law Wheel spinning between your arms. Frequent practice of this exercise may completely open your entire body, and boost the strength of your gong. It can be a means to cultivate your supernatural powers, energy levels, and wisdom. Nothing is left out in the movements that are simple. You can gain so much from them even if they are simple exercises. When doing the Falun Standing Stance, perform the movements as naturally as possible — don’t sway although you may move slightly which is normal. Also, be aware that you are performing them. Since the Law Wheel does not stop spinning, the end of this exercise, as with the other exercises of Falun Gong, does not mean that the practice has ended. While it’s true that the longer you do the exercise, the greater benefits you attain, the length of each exercise may depend on the person performing it.

Exercise Three – Coursing Between the Two Poles

This exercise is designed to merge and combine the energy of the universe with the energy that resides in your body. A significant volume of energy is spewed out and absorbed in. Practitioners within a short span of time can eject the black and negative qi from their bodies and absorb a huge amount of energy from the universe in this exercise, permitting the purification of the body and advance the “Pure-White Body” state of being. Also, whilst you move your arms up and down, the exercise can promote the “opening of the top of your head” and clears the passages of obstructions under your feet. Prior to the start of this exercise, visualize yourself as a couple of upright very tall and gigantic empty large barrels that’s between earth and heaven. The energy in your body rushes straight to the top of your head with every upward movement of your arms going towards to the universe’s upper pole; and with every downward movement of your arms your energy exits through the bottoms of the feet traveling to the universe’s lower pole. After performing these arm movements both poles of the universe energy is dispatched towards the opposite direction and returns to the inside of your body. Then, move your arms up and down nine times each in opposite directions. Then after the ninth movement, your left arm should be held up (the right arm, for females) and remain in the air, the other arm is then brought up next. Afterwards, move both arms downward together. As the arms move along the body, qi is delivered to the lower pole, and then again to the upper pole. After you have moved your arms nine times in an upward and downward motion, your qi is transported back into your body. At the lower stomach, the Law Wheel is moved clockwise (as you face the front) four times rotating the energy outside back into the body. To conclude this exercise, the hands are linked in Jieyin, which is not the function of gong.

Exercise Four – Falun Cosmic Orbit

The Falun Cosmic Orbit stimulates the energy of the body helping it to move over large areas. Instead of flowing over one or a number of channels, the energy moves over and over again from the whole yin region of the body to the entire yang side. Going way beyond the small and great cosmic orbits and the conventional methods of opening up the energy channels, this exercise is one of the middle-level exercises in Falun Gong. The Falun Cosmic Orbit is meant to open up the great cosmic orbit and all the channels of qi throughout the body and uses the three aforementioned exercises as a base. It gradually promotes the connection of all the meridians from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet. This exercise’s best feature is its use of the spinning Law Wheel to treat all illnesses in the human body restoring the human body, a microcosm of the universe, to its original healthy state, and allowing qi to flow smoothly and freely within the body. Practitioners can reach an extremely high level of cultivation of Triple-World-Law when this is attained and, if they have an inherent tremendous spiritual potential, can progress in cultivating the Dafa or the Great Way. The Falun Cosmic Orbit can dramatically increase the supernatural powers and gong strength of practitioners. Your hands need to follow the energy mechanisms when performing this exercise. The movements should be smooth, slow, and not hurried.

Exercise Five – Reinforcing Supernatural Powers

This multipurpose exercise is one of the most calming cultivation exercises for practitioners of Falun gong. It’s intended to reinforce a practitioner’s gong strength and supernatural powers using “hand signs” or Buddha mudras to spin the Law Wheel. Initially, the Reinforcing Supernatural Powers exercise was a well kept secret. It is higher than the middle level exercises. In this exercise, the practitioner meditates in a full-lotus position. While the full-lotus position is an ideal posture for meditation, the half-lotus position can also be a fine posture for some practitioners. The field of energy surrounding your body enlarges and Qi circulation becomes robust during this exercise. The movement of your hands is guided by the energy mechanisms fostered by your shifu. Your heart is guided by the movement of your thoughts when you initiate your hand movements. When you’re increasing your supernatural powers, keep your mind blank, and focus slightly on both palms. You will feel a sensation of heaviness in the centers of your palms as if you’re holding something heavy. You’ll also experience a feeling of numbness, electricity, and warmth in the palms. You don’t need to seek any of these sensations it will just naturally be felt, in time. The greater benefits you get the longer your legs are crossed. The faster your energy develops the more intense you exercise and the longer you meditate. When performing the Reinforcing Supernatural Powers, don’t think about anything. Your mind should be calm, still, and devoid of any thought. From the active state that may seem calm, but is not really stillness, slowly move into stillness. Your dominant consciousness should realize that you’re performing this exercise.


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