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A Study on Acupuncture for Back Pain

It has been proven that acupuncture back pain is possible. This ancient technique helps relieve not only acute back pain but chronic back pain as well. It is better than the usual standard care such as medication or physical therapy.

According to study researcher Dan Cherkin, a PhD and a senior investigator at Group Health Center for Health studies in Seattle, he said, “Acupuncture-like treatments had a positive effect overall on people’s chronic back pain. It didn’t matter if you inserted the needle or superficially poked the skin.”

The study that Cherkin conducted was published in the Archives of Internal Medicine. In his study he assigned 638 men and women with chronic low back pain who never had acupuncture before to one of four groups.

  • Individualized acupuncture group consisted of patients who received acupuncture treatment on a customized prescription for acupuncture points.
  • Standardized acupuncture group were patients receiving treatment that was considered effective by experts for chronic low back pain.
  • Stimulated acupuncture group were patients receiving treatment that mimics the acupuncture treatment. Instead of using needles, toothpicks were inserted in a needle guide tube without penetrating the skin.
  • Usual care group consisted of patients that continued to take their usual treatment such as pain medicine or continuing their physical therapy.

The study is basically comparing acupuncture and the usual care. According to Cherkin, all three groups apart from the usual care group showed positive results. In fact they resulted with the same effects which were even better that the usual care group.

Researchers found that those getting acupuncture treatment were getting more meaningful improvements in their activities of daily living basically improving their dysfunction scale. In fact only 39% of the usual care group compared to 60% of the acupuncture treated patients has found improvement in their dysfunction scale.

The study conducted had shed some light that acupuncture can help on back pain treatment. For the most part acupuncture is very safe and Arya Nick Shamie MD, an associate professor of spine surgery at the University Of California David Geffen School Of Medicine, has been recommending it to his patients with chronic back pain. As a spokesman for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, he added that the above-mentioned study shouldn’t confuse readers on how acupuncture works but it should at least show that acupuncture can truly help patients.

Although the group treated with toothpick for acupuncture back pain was a result of a placebo effect, Shamie says that, “Even going and talking to your doctor could have a strong, positive effect on your health. When people have chronic illness, they want to feel that someone cares for them, and that basically unloads the mind of the burden of disease.”

As a rule, before engaging in any forms of alternative medicine for chronic back pain, the condition should be duly evaluated by a specialist or a physician. It is after the rule that has to be followed for any underlying medical problems.

How Fertility Acupuncture Can Treat Infertility Issues

Acupuncture is a kind of ancient healing technique that originated from the East. Due to its numerous medicinal benefits, fertility acupuncture is becoming popular since it is capable of treating infertility. In theory, once there is a blockage in the energy pathways which are the acupuncture sites, this can cause illnesses or other disease. With the use of needles, the blockages are cleared to promote a continuous flow of the energy thus resulting to proper physiologic healing. It is believed that acupuncture can possibly treat infertility, as well as other ailments like back pain, dizziness, depression, neuralgia and constipation. So how can acupuncture treat infertility? Here are some steps on how acupuncture can help treat infertility.

  • First thing to consider is to understand how acupuncture will help. Acupuncture can improve the blood circulation in the pelvic cavity and boost the ovarian function.
  • Second thing to consider is to know what to expect. A lot fertility expert considers acupuncture as just one part of the overall health plan to improve wellness and health. So this means you are still required to make certain lifestyle changes to accomplish your goal. After all, with good health comes fertility.
  • Third thing to take into consideration is to learn how acupuncture can help in regulating hormonal imbalances. Infertility can be caused by hormonal imbalances in some women and this situation can be remedied by acupuncture.
  • Next thing to take into consideration is to know and understand where the needles will be placed. Acupuncture points for infertility are usually found on the lower abdomen, lower back and legs.
  • Always seek the assistance of an expert. Look for an acupuncturist that has experience in fertility issues. There is a lot of information about acupuncturist who deal with fertility issues found on the web.
  • Once you meet with your chosen acupuncturist, give him or her all the information as much as possible like how long have you been trying to conceive as well as a full detailed description of your medical history.
  • Always follow your acupuncturist’s treatment schedule until its completion. Be sure to ask all necessary questions to avoid anxiety and of course to get what your money is worth.

Tips and Warnings to Reflect On

  • Acupuncture rates can rise from moderate to expensive. This usually depends on the experience and credentials of your chosen acupuncturist. Aside from that, the city from where she or he is based can also affect his or her professional fees.
  • Acupuncture is also covered by many insurance plans. However, this a not covered by Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Supplements and herbs may also be prescribed by acupuncturist to support with your treatment. In these cases, herbs and supplements can be inexpensive and moderate in price. These are not usually covered by insurance plans thought.
  • If you have potentially life-threatening symptoms like extreme abdominal pain, never attempt to use acupuncture as a form of treatment.
  • Always bear in mind that not all alternative forms of medical treatments are scientifically evaluated. Some practitioners only have limited information about their safety and effectiveness. Each state has its own rules regarding how alternative medicine practitioners can be professionally licensed. So if you decide to visit an acupuncturist, choose someone who is licensed and recognized by the national organization. Always keep your medical doctor informed about form of alternative medical procedure you undertake.