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The Issue Regarding Cupping Therapy Body Marks

When it comes to cupping therapy, the most common issue regarding the use of this procedure is the marks it leaves on the body.

Bleeding often causes deep bruises when this treatment is administered and injuries develop deep in the muscle.  Edema also develops in the body part where there is coagulation of sticky proteins. The combined presence of these elements often leads to a slowdown in the blood flow to the area – resulting in chronic conditions, dysfunction, and pain.

The suction involved in the therapy pulls up the sticky fluids and stagnant old blood from the area, drawing the, away from the injury and bringing them towards the skin surface in order to restore free and healthy circulation to the site of treatment that in turn creates space for nutrients, healthy cells, and fresh oxygen for speedier recovery.

Toxins, pathogenic elements, cellular debris and dead stagnant lymph and blood develop where there are static and dead blood and lymph. Cupping creates marks suggesting the disease or stagnation has been moved to the skin surface from the deeper tissue layers.

This is a minor problem in many countries. Practitioners have experienced the amazing detoxifying effects of suction therapy themselves. However, in some developed nations, where allopathic treatments are the preferred forms of treatment over the more natural and holistic techniques, these skin discolorations are mistaken for injury rather than the result of negative elements being sucked to the surface of the skin. These discolorations are sometimes mistaken for bruises caused by injury to the body. However, once people know what these marks signify, their worries evaporate.

The marks’ pattern and color may vary based upon the degree of stagnation in the area, and may range from a bright reddish to dark purplish color that may last about four days to a week – or if the person is sedentary or very sick, even longer. If stagnation is present, there will only be some pink markings that vanish within a few minutes to a few hours.

If the person undergoing a procedure perspires a lot on every day – no marks may ever develop.

People who were exposed to a heavy dose of toxic material or have been playing, working, or living in a toxic environment may easily develop marks.

Areas where there is an old injury or old trauma may need many sessions of Cupping therapies in order to eliminate all forms of stagnation. In follow-up treatments, you may find marks getting lighter little by little as the pathogens are systemically expelled from the body. 

Ni Nan Gilbert is a licensed acupuncturist in Bellmore, NY with certification in Chinese Herbology and over 16 years experience in traditional Chinese medicine.

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