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Monthly Archives : September, 2013

Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Since the roost cause of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is still a mystery to western medical science, scientists have resorted to observing certain mental and physical health problems that seem to cause IBS. They believe that the some of the probable causes of IBS include:

Sensitivity to certain foods – … Continue reading

Causes of Pneumonia

Many types of fungi, viruses and bacteria can cause pneumonia. The body has devised ways to effectively filter out the pathogens from the air we breathe that might lead to infection.  These ways involve the immune system, the physiological shape of the throat and nose, the function of coughing and … Continue reading

Asthma – Coping and Support

Asthma is a chronic condition and people suffering from asthma will need long-term treatment from it.  Dealing successfully with your asthma will involve following an asthma action plan and other ways to actively deal with your attacks.

Your asthma action plan is formulated by both you and your doctor.  It … Continue reading

Anxiety – Tests and Diagnosis

A lot of factors can be considered major contributors for the psychological and physical anxiety symptoms. A person may feel anxiety that is caused by a more basic health problem or he may suffer from anxiety due to a mental state or of a certain phobia. The problem in diagnosing … Continue reading

Anemia – Coping and Support

Anemia is easily treatable and if you exhibit symptoms and signs of anemia, then you need to find immediate diagnosis and treatment. Doing so will guaranty you a better quality of life, improved activity and energy levels and a longer healthier life.

Most cases of anemia that have been treated … Continue reading

Causes of Weight Loss

Weight loss can be the result of a lot of causes.  With the epidemic of obesity now plaguing not only the United States but the whole world as well, losing weight may be a welcomed outcome.  However, there are instances that weight loss can come unintentionally and sometimes inexplicably. Health … Continue reading