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Acupuncture for UTI

Health experts and authorities have demonstrated concern about the rising danger of antibiotic resistance among people suffering from urinary tract infection or UTI.  They even seriously think that this is one of the reasons why UTI, especially among women, has become a persistent or acute disease.

The United States, in itself, has already around 11 million people with acute UTI, even with the 800-fold increase in sales of over-the-counter antibiotics ever since the US Food and Drug Authority OK’d its sale even without medical prescription. The medical world believes that the overuse of antibiotics for treating UTI is the primary main reason for the growing failure of antibiotic drugs in curing this disease.

These days, physicians permit some of their UTI patients to consider trying alternative types of therapies especially when the antibiotics they are using use do not work anymore. However, this consent is attached with the condition that the patients need to first consult with their doctor before trying these alternative therapies out. One of the most recommended and safest types of alternative therapy is acupuncture.

Clinical tests and medical studies have been done for many years to help give support for acupuncture as an ideal treatment for urinary tract infection. The clinical studies’ outcomes performed by medical researchers in Norway (the University of Bergen) showed that acupuncture had significantly reduced symptoms of UTI in women by 75%.

The acupuncture therapies were randomly performed on the subjects, who were all women. The therapies involved the insertion of acupuncture needles on the lower extremities or the lower stomach that have adhered to the diagnosis of TCM or traditional Chinese medicine. The treatments were given for a month two times a week and recurrence of any UTI flare ups after the acupuncture therapy was properly noted for half a year.

Impressive outcomes revealed that 73% of the subjects who were given acupuncture treatment were cured of their condition as opposed to a 52% rate of success among subjects who received other non-acupuncture kinds of treatments for their UTI. The researchers believe that the proven efficacy of acupuncture in resolving UTI is due to acupuncture’s ability to lower the level of residue in the urine. The results, according to TCM viewpoint is attributed to vital energy or qi improving its circulation in the body especially in the lower stomach.

What is Chi or Qi?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, qi refers to vital elements that include life giving substances, comprising the human body. Therefore qi may mean the very important or vital elements in any area of the body and other life providing substances like water and food.

Scientific findings regarding the decrease of urine residues among subjects who were given acupuncture therapy, is considered very encouraging news. This finding gives UTI sufferers a better way of treating their condition using a non-conventional form of treatment.  However, these outcomes do not negate the need for the individual to consult with his/her doctor first before resorting to acupuncture treatment to resolve their condition.


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Acupuncture for Weight Loss

It needs to be said. Nowadays, the world is full of overweight people and the reason for this is the fatty unhealthy foods, sedentary lifestyle and stressed –wracked lives people are living each day. To offset excess weight and obesity, a daily exercise program and a healthy diet are the best ways to lose weight.

No magical solution or miracle diet exists that will provide you with longstanding results. Nonetheless, a natural modality called acupuncture can be a great method to help you lose weight safely, quickly and naturally.  Acupuncture is one of the sure-fire and safest ways to lose weight and keep it.

Battle Obesity and Excess Weight with Acupuncture

Acupuncture is usually used as an adjunct therapy for weight loss.  It can provide impressive results when a healthy diet and exercise are combined with it. The way acupuncture actually works is still a mystery to western medicine but when needles are pricked into the ear and certain parts of the body, a faster metabolism, stronger will power and a calming effect is elicited in the mind and body.

Stress often compels a person to overeat. It is easily dealt with through the relaxing and calming effect of acupuncture for losing weight. Endorphins are released that can improve the function of the hormonal and digestive systems. These endorphins also help improve metabolism and can control your desire for eating too much foods.

Acupuncture treatment will initially involve your acupuncturist observing your pulse and tongue in order to evaluate why you overeat.  Through these tests, your overall energy level is determined as well as your underlying digestive conditions.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes the ear to be somewhat of an exact replica of the body with the acupuncture points in the ear corresponding with every acupuncture point found in the body. The lung system acupuncture point is treated for sugar and food addiction, the kidney system point is for edema or water retention, the mouth has an acupuncture point to help treat impulsive eaters while the thyroid system point is utilized for slow metabolism problem.

If your desire to lose weight is strong, acupuncture can help you achieve this.  The fact is acupuncture for losing weight has been used by people all over the world to help them attain their proper and desired weight.  With acupuncture, not only will you lose weight, it will relieve your stress as well and give you a relaxed body and a calm mind.


Eva Paglialonga is a licensed acupuncturist and massage therapist in Miami, FL and the medical director of Needles and Moxa Wellness Center.