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Gastritis Coping and Support

Here are some of the ways that can help you deal effectively with your gastritis problem

Be sure to eat 6 small meals instead of 3 big meals in a day – Having a full amount of foods in the stomach increases pressure in the stomach and can aggravate the … Continue reading

Depression – Coping and Support

The desire to be alone is one of the reasons why depressed people find it hard to cope with their depression. The best way to cope with depression is to talk with your therapist or your doctor.  You can also try to do these tips to help you contend … Continue reading

Coping with Rash

Having rash may force you to deal with its accompanying and annoying symptoms: flaking skin, redness and extreme itching.  The worse thing about this is that the more you scratch, the likelihood of secondary skin infections may occur with you ending up with complications more than you’ve bargained for.  This … Continue reading

Coping and Support Osteoarthritis

A lot of osteoarthritis (OA) sufferers are finding it quite hard to deal with its symptoms that interfere with their regular activities of daily living in a major way. Good ways to deal with your physical limitations to know that you are making the best effort in getting relief from … Continue reading

Headaches – Prevention

To stop your headaches and to prevent them from recurring, you can avail of ways to avoid or at least lessen the frequency and triggers of your headaches.

  • Sinus irrigation – A lot of headaches are caused by the blockages of the sinus passageways due to infection or allergy. You
Continue reading

Causes of Gastritis

Helicobacter pylori

For most people who have experienced gastritis the most common culprit for this condition is a bacterium known as Helicobacter pylori or H. pylori for short.  This bacterium can infect an individual through person to person contact or through eating or drinking contaminated food or drinking water. The … Continue reading

Bronchitis Complications

Some of the conditions that may arise from bronchitis include:

Pneumonia – Around 5 persons in a hundred with bronchitis can acquire a pulmonary secondary infection that can lead to pneumonia. This pulmonary infection is often brought about by bacteria even if the primary infection that led to the bronchitis … Continue reading