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Coping and Support Osteoarthritis

A lot of osteoarthritis (OA) sufferers are finding it quite hard to deal with its symptoms that interfere with their regular activities of daily living in a major way. Good ways to deal with your physical limitations to know that you are making the best effort in getting relief from pain and finding ways to improve the range of motion of your affected joint. You can certainly better your ability to cope with his condition. Here are some ways to better deal with OA:

Identify the early symptoms and signs of osteoarthritis.  Talk to your doctor regarding the symptoms and signs you’ve observed to receive a correct diagnosis from your doctor.

Be faithful to your treatment plan after you’ve been given a diagnosis and a course of treatment.

Evaluate on a periodic basis your treatment plan with your doctor to see if it really effectively addresses your symptoms.

Always protect your joints. This can be done by not straining your joints or putting excess stress on them. Wear or use adaptive equipment, orthotic support or assistive devices if you think they are necessary to safeguard your joints from injury or damage.

Do not live a sedentary life. Exercise and perform physical activities on a daily basis. This will help you better deal with your limitations and pain.

Take supplements and eat a healthy diet.  Your supplements and foods should contain antioxidants that can help relieve your OA symptoms.

Enjoy life. Make time for more leisurely activities like watching a movie, playing with your pet, reading, listening to music or anything that will keep your mind off your pain.

Try to uplift your life by planning and taking leisurely trips. Going to a place of beautiful scenery can relieve stress and get you in a good mood.

Try to make your family understand the condition you are suffering from. If you need help ask for it. Osteoarthritis can become a debilitating condition that may severely limit the things you can perform.

Modify the way you work if you need to. This can mean working in a light-duty activity or requesting for a much better work schedule.

Own a journal or diary. You can write down important details about your condition in a diary journal and let your doctor read it. It can also be used as an outlet of your sadness, anger or frustration.

Join a support group. Your life can be much easier to cope with when you talk and share experiences with people in a local or online support group. In a support group, you are with people who knows what you’re experiencing first-hand.

Remember to balance activity and rest. Both physical activity and rest are important factors in helping you deal well with OA. Balancing these two factors is important in improving you condition.

Be well-informed regarding your OA.  Keep abreast of the latest news about OA can lead to positive and helpful steps that can help you better deal with your OA symptoms.

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