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Chinese Pediatric Tuina For Children’s Conditions

If you have children who often suffer from colic. The ancient art of Chinese Pediatric Tuina would be the best way to address their condition. Mothers who have tried this treatment have found it to be extremely helpful in healing colic and other children’s conditions, especially when it’s combined with Chinese herbal medicine. Both treatments have been used in China for over a thousand years. It is now slowly being seen as a safe and reliable form of pediatric treatment in the West.

One very effective Chinese Pediatric Tuina technique is called the “Grasping Belly Corner” technique or “Na Du Jiao.” It is one among many therapeutic massage techniques of Chinese Pediatric Tuina (traditional Chinese massage).

To treat physical ailments in children, the therapist will apply light pressure on certain pressure points on the body. These points are usually located on the extremities, back, face, and stomach. To ease the massage and/or protect the skin of the child, massage oils or lotions may be used. Each therapy may last for twenty to thirty minutes. In many cases, the therapy should be administered once a day or every other day. Since the technique used in pediatric tuina is very easy and simple to perform, therapists often teach the parents how to properly perform the techniques so that they can administer the treatments to their child at home.  

Children are classified as “pure Yang constitution,” in Maitland Chinese medicine. This means they develop quickly in intelligence and physique. Simultaneously, they also are “Yang and Yin young constitution,” which implies they still have imperfect physical bodies and organic function, which is the reason they easily get sick, especially with regard to respiratory and digestive problems. Being a parent myself, my child seems to often suffer from colds (allergies, asthma, coughing) or tummy aches (due to diarrhea, constipation, nausea, vomiting, and bloating). Crying at night and bed wetting are also common problems during childhood.  

Pediatric tuina is a manual and safe therapy; its techniques produces no side effects and are light. It is an ideal way to alleviate many ailments felt during childhood. In addition, the therapy is an extremely powerful way to prevent diseases. Administering simple and regular pediatric tuina to your kids can help boost their natural body constitution and enhance their immune and digestive systems. It is especially effective for children who catch colds easily and for those who have picky appetites. It is a perfect treatment for newly born children and for kids up to seven years old. When combined with acupuncture, this technique comes highly recommended for older kids.   Chinese herbs are also prescribed most of the time to bring about even faster and better results.  

Things to know when your child is getting pediatric tuina and acupuncture:

  1. We advise that your child shouldn’t come to treatment on a full or empty stomach.
  2. After undergoing a session of acupuncture therapy, your child may feel a bit “woozy” or lightheaded.
  3. Make your child relaxed and comfortable during a treatment.
  4. To help calm your child, have him or her sit in our waiting area for a while, pretty soon he/she will be clear-headed and relaxed.

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