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Maternity Acupressure Is An Excellent Way To Induce Labor

If you are pregnant, past your due date, and are achy and tired, you may need to schedule yourself for a medical induction. Perhaps, you thought about getting maternity acupressure therapy but still have some questions about its efficacy and safety. This article will help answer some burning questions you … Continue reading

The Taoist-Inspired Styles Of Oriental Healing

Practitioners of Oriental medicine do certainly benefit a lot from the regular activity of meditation, Tai Chi, or Chi Kung (Qigong). Any of these practices can beef up and increase the circulation of your life energy (chi) as well as give your body additional defense to ward off disease and … Continue reading

Chinese Dietary Therapy Can Be used To Help Resolve Imbalances Within The Body

We’ve heard them all, “Eat lots of spinach every day because it’s good for you “Drink milk to have strong healthy bones.” Drink lots of water each day to keep you well-hydrated and to wash away toxins off your body.” So many rules and advises to follow. What’s too little? … Continue reading

What is Cupping Therapy?

Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston caused quite a media frenzy when she stepped out onto the red carpet bearing the marks of an ancient healing technique. Many were curious if she was a victim of a burning injury or has been physically abused by someone

For people who know a thing … Continue reading

Get Rid Of Halitosis (Bad Breath) Once And For All With Acupuncture

Perhaps the most unorthodox way to cure halitosis (bad breath) is through acupuncture in Cleveland. This is the practice of using very slender needles stuck into the skin in strategic points to hinder certain nerves to alter the flow of Chi. This Chi is thought to be the life … Continue reading

A Chinese Therapy Drink That Can Help Treat Excessive Cold Imbalances

A hot drink from Chinese nutritional therapy is a natural and simple food that can mobilize sluggish vital energy (Qi) and dispel excessive “cold” imbalances. If you are sensitive or allergic to any of this drink’s ingredients, then you should obviously avoid it.

This recipe can be adjusted to your … Continue reading