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The Medical Benefits of Acupuncture

The medical benefits of acupuncture have been thoroughly chronicled throughout history and only a hard core skeptic would deny its proven ability to treat many kinds of health conditions. Acupuncture is now widely accepted into mainstream medicine in the Western world. It is so popular that not a few health experts, dentists, health care providers and physicians publicly practice this ancient healing art in their offices. There are many instances where an acupuncturist would use acupuncture as an anesthetic/analgesic on a patient undergoing surgery that is required to stay conscious during surgery. Also, acupuncturists now use acupuncture in hospitals on cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy to relieve them of side effects of this highly toxic “therapy.”

During acupuncture treatment, the acupuncturist stimulates certain points in the skin called acupuncture points or just acupoints to treat or prevent an illness. The basis for this treatment is for the unhindered and normal flow of life energy in the body the Chinese refer to as chi. This energy runs on energy vessels called meridians of which 12 are known to exist. To enable the body to correct itself, acupuncture stimulates the brain and the central nervous system to release beneficial chemicals that aid the body in its quest to heal itself. Acupuncturists may use certain techniques such as cups or press, heat, electrical pulses or needles to treat an individual.

The World Health Organization (WHO) validated the benefits of acupuncture when it listed dozens of health conditions acupuncture can be used for treatment. In the United States, there are literally tens of thousands of licensed and certified acupuncturists practicing in various states of the union.

Acupuncture is a very safe treatment that has a one in a million chance of getting negative side effects. Some of the illnesses that acupuncture can effectively treat as listed by the WHO are diarrhea, constipation, colds, asthma, sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis, tennis elbow, low back pain, sinusitis and rhinitis.

Acupuncture treatment is mostly done with needles inserted in the patient’s skin. The procedure should not elicit any pain at all, especially under the hands of an experienced and licensed acupuncturist. The most sensitive part of the procedure is when needles are inserted in the skin. This mostly elicits a slight sensation. After that, patients mostly fall asleep due to the relaxing nature of the treatment. Rarely does it take a single session to treat a condition. One whole treatment may require 4 or more sessions at least depending on the patient’s condition and the magnitude of his/her problem.

The most important part of acupuncture treatment for one is finding a highly experienced and licensed acupuncturist for one’s illness. One way of finding a good acupuncturist is asking referrals from one’s own physician or health care provider. Another way is through one’s local chapters of national acupuncture groups or associations.

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Yin-Yang, the Five Elements and Acupuncture New York

Five thousand years ago, acupuncture New York was discovered by the Chinese to help both the elite and the masses with their health disorders.  Acupuncture uses needles that are inserted at certain body parts to treat diseases and disorders as well as to relieve painful conditions.

For many decades since its introduction in the United States in the 1970’s, acupuncture has been treated with skepticism by Western medical scientists.  Now, because of its proven track record of being an effective treatment for so many kinds of disorders, Western medical science has now incorporated acupuncture into its system.

Acupuncture is grounded on the philosophies of naturalism and Taoism.  Taoism believes that the universe is composed of two opposing forces.  This reality manifests recurrently in nature the form of male and female, positive and negative, hot and cold, up and down, black and white, etc.  Not surprisingly, the kind of duality also exists in the human body through yin and yang, which is the female and male principle respectively.  From yin/yang, the Five Elements are known which represent the ongoing changes in health and life.  According to traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, yin and yang always seek to balance each other out and this balancing is manifested in the Five Elements of earth, fire, water, wood and metal.  The Five Elements can symbolize changes in time (seasonal, yearly and life cycles) and can also symbolize or represent the major organs in the body (earth represents the spleen and stomach, fire represents or associates with the small intestine and the heart, water associates with the kidneys and bladder, wood the gall bladder and liver and metal associates with the large intestines, the colon and the lungs).

TCM also believes that the harmony and balance of these organs leads to good health.   Acupuncture is the tool to achieve and maintain the harmony and balance of the Five Elements.

The goal of acupuncture treatment is to maintain or bring back the energy balance in the body. This is done by introducing needles into the energy vessels called meridians to insure that nutrient and energy flow remains unimpeded.  The energy the meridians carry along is called Qi or chi.  Chi is believed to carry electrical energy as well as vital nutrients to the organs and tissues.  A blockage causes energy stagnation or sluggish flow, which results in illnesses and diseases in the body.

TCM is not only concerned with treating diseases and relieving pain.  Its aim is to bring wellness to both body and mind.  A balanced health in body, mind, emotion and spirit is what is meant by wellness in the TCM sense of the word.  In dealing with physical, emotional, mental or spiritual disorders, acupuncture can be a powerful benefit for the person in regaining and maintaining optimal holistic health.

The Natural Benefits of Acupuncture Louisville

A national survey for health dated 2007 showed that acupuncture benefited more than 3 millions US adults and around 150,000 US children.  Acupuncture Louisville has come a long way from being a novel curiosity in the 1970’s to being one of the most popular alternative treatments in the United States today.

Spanning a history of over 2500 years, acupuncture is still the most popular form of ancient treatment in China and parts of East Asia.  Acupuncture is part of a collection of holistic and natural modalities called traditional Chinese medicine.  Acupuncture was widely known as a treatment for headaches, body aches and pain.  Now it is used as an aid in treating all kinds of addictions, enhancing health and sports performance and calming the mind as well as for the relief of pain, prevention of disease and strengthening of the body.  Acupuncture is based on the belief of a vital force flowing inside the body, which the Chinese call Qi or chi.  This is the life-giving, universal energy found in all living things.  According to traditional Chinese medicine, chi needs to maintain normal energy flow to allow the body to maintain energy equilibrium, which results in good health.  Unfortunately, the body experiences obstructions in the pathways of chi now and then and this leads to illness.  It is by applying hair thin needles at strategic points in the body that the obstructions are removed, chi flow is restored and health returns back to the body.

Modern technology makes it possible for acupuncture to be modified with the latest innovations in medical science.  Traditional acupuncture has also some techniques besides needling that amplifies its potency.  One such technique is moxibustion where moxa herb is burned and applied to the top of an inserted acupuncture needle.  The heat stimulates the body to heal quicker.

Modern medical science has given way to another novel acupuncture approach called medical acupuncture.  This approach explains the workings of acupuncture from a scientific point of view.  The gist of the scientific perspective explains that the needles activate the central nervous system and the brain to release natural opioids called endorphins to help the body rid of pain as well as set it on the path to healing itself.

A particular illness determines what part of the body is treated with needles.  The needle insertion itself is a painless process if done by a licensed and experienced acupuncturist.  The needles do not go deeply into the skin as the affected energy vessels are located just below the skin’s surface.  Normally, people will feel a slight sensation as the needles are inserted into the skin.  The treatment usually lasts 20 to 40 minutes.  The patient usually comes out of the treatment full of energy and with substantial relief of their pain and distress.

The Ancient Chinese and Acupuncture Davis

The ancient Chinese are the inventors of acupuncture.  Acupuncture Davis does not follow the empirical ways of the Western scientific method that is why it is not understood nor respected by many self-styled Western professionals.  These people are skeptical about acupuncture’s effects because it does not abide by the procedures and processes of medical practice and thought.  Empirical scientists conclude that there is histological nor anatomical basis for acupuncture concepts such as meridians or acupuncture points that exist in the body. So what then is Chinese acupuncture theory?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) states that the body has more than 300 acupuncture points with about 14 major meridians crisscrossing these points.  Twelve of these 14 meridians are associated with the major organs of the body.  These meridians serve as vessels of an energy force the Chinese call Qi or chi and it travels all over the body through these channels or meridians.  TCM believes that chi needs to flow freely in order for a person to be in good health.  Whenever chi flow is disturbed for whatever reason, an imbalance develops in health and resulting in illness.  Through acupuncture treatment, TCM believes that balance can be restored and when chi energy flows unimpeded again, the patient recovers.

Acupuncture is much effective for pain relief.  Pain injury, post-surgical pain, rheumatic and arthritic pain, menstrual pain and backache are reportedly relieved by application of acupuncture therapy.  This treatment uses needles to allow normal chi flow once more.

Besides using needles, acupuncture can be combined with other techniques such as laser treatment, moxibustion, herbs, massage, etc.  The use of herbs greatly enhances the efficacy of acupuncture therapy.

Chi for the ancient Chinese is life itself.  For them, the two major organs of the kidneys and lungs as well as energy from nutrients through the digestive system form the essence of chi.  Acupuncture ensures chi flow is normal, not tepid or fast since both ways will result in sickness.  Acupuncture is practically safe and has no side effects whatsoever.

Needles used in acupuncture may elicit fear because of the expectation of pain.  However, the process itself is a virtually painless affair.  There may be some slight sensations of electrical pulsation, numbness or tingling in the point of insertion but as the treatment takes affect, these sensations taper off.  The needles used are really very thin and small needles compared to needles used for injection.  They are non-hollow and are not used for drawing blood.  Acupuncture was introduced in the United States in the 1970’s and it is now a widely popular treatment form in the country. One vital advantage of acupuncture treatment is that is does not entail the use of any Western medicines or drugs since the aim of acupuncture is to assist the body to heal itself.

The Benefits of Acupuncture Miami for Facelift

For those who know about acupuncture Miami, it is a treatment that can cure so many kinds of disorders.  The treatment itself though involving needles inserted in the skin causes very little pain.  Surgical facelifts, on the other hand, are filled with stories of painful surgical and occasional botched procedures.  With this in mind, the idea of having facelift through acupuncture sounds a very good idea.  Looking young again without the need to endure excruciating painful surgery, prolonged intakes of antibiotics, NSAIDS and painkillers and a very long recuperation period appeals to all and fortunately, acupuncture for facelift offers these benefits and more.

Acupuncture care for facelift is not really the kind one gets from botox or cosmetic surgery since it does not involve any stitches, acid peels or incisions and it does not entail immediate overnight changes.  Known also as acupuncture facial rejuvenation, acupuncture for facelift is actually used for hundreds of years to take away lines, wrinkles and creases in the face.  The condition of one’s skin especially in the face is caused by many years of physiological and environmental factors that have caused its present state.   Exposure to the sun, air, pollution, smoke, toxins, chemicals, aging, etc., have all in some degree or another taken a toll on one’s facial skin.  Since these factors caused the skin to be the way it is today, a natural way to rejuvenate the skin will likewise not produce overnight changes to the skin. It is easy to spot an artificial facelift.  The changes are superficial and really not that convincingly aesthetic.  One needs only to look at celebrities to see that even getting the best facelift, they still fail to look aesthetically good.

Acupuncture facial rejuvenation or more popularly known nowadays as cosmetic acupuncture is a valid form of facelift recognized by the American Cosmetic Acupuncture Association or ACAA.  Cosmetic acupuncture treats the skin all over the body not only the skin of the face although we know the face is the most important part of the body that needs to look good.  Cosmetic acupuncture treatment may take several months but it is a really effective procedure to rid of wrinkles, jowls, creases, eye bags, skin tone and sags and other unsightly cosmetic issues.  However, these benefits are not all there is to be gained with cosmetic acupuncture.  The patient also is treated from disorders such as fatigue obesity, insomnia, anxiety, depression, headaches to name just a few.  The real value of acupuncture then is its ability to make one look exteriorly good to look at while at the same time interiorly, mentally and emotionally, the body is enjoying very good health.  Cosmetic acupuncture is really good for the person in the truest sense of the word.

The Benefits of Acupuncture NYC

Acupuncture NYC originated in ancient China.  For the ancient Chinese acupuncturists and for many current acupuncturists, the power of this treatment stems from its innate spirituality and the balance of energy the Chinese believed exists outside and inside the body.  When an imbalance of energy pervades around the person and within him/her, the body will suffer from illness.  Acupuncture needles are used to address these imbalances as they are applied to specific points that cause the restoration of the free flow of energy, which in turn, will restore good health to the person.  The concepts of the 5 elements, yin/yang and chi become harmonized in their interaction with each other restoring balance once more to the body with the use of acupuncture needles at specific acupuncture points or acupoints for short.

Acupuncture today is employed by around 13 million US citizens as a treatment for many kinds of ailments and sicknesses and for the removal of pain.  Some acupuncturists follow the belief of the ancient Chinese of energy balance and the spiritual aspect of acupuncture.  Western medical science, however, explains the mechanics of acupuncture in the language of biological science.  These scientists argue that the acupoints, which are known as meridians stimulate the nervous system of the body causing the production and secretion of beneficial neurohormones to aid the body to heal itself.

Regardless of one’ viewpoint, acupuncture is an undisputable effective treatment for many kinds of ailments, illnesses and pain; in short, it works.  Because of its versatility and potency, acupuncture is one of the most popular forms of alternative treatment in the world.

In an actual acupuncture treatment session, an acupuncturist will apply needles around the area or on the affected area itself.  Sometimes, the acupoints selected for treatment are located on related areas on the body. It is rare to see only one or two needles applied during a treatment. Typically, around four or more needles are used to treat an ailment.  With a traditional acupuncturist, herbal or diet supplements are used along with the acupuncture therapy.

Acupuncture needles can be inserted at various acupoints around the body.  There are over 2000 acupoints spread on the front, sides and back of the body and each point corresponds to specific illnesses and pain.  Many types of body pain such as joint and back pain and menstrual pain and discomfort can be treated with acupuncture.  These typical everyday ailments are frequently cured after several regular sessions sometimes followed by a few intermittent sessions.  Diabetes, paralysis and hypertension are also illnesses that acupuncture can treat.  Depending on the gravity of the problem, the whole treatment may take either a few weeks or several months.

If one opts for acupuncture treatment, it is imperative for him/her to select a qualified and experienced acupuncturist.  For recommendations, one’s own doctor, family or friends can be good sources of information.