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The Ancient Chinese and Acupuncture Bellingham

The ancient Chinese are the inventors of acupuncture. Acupuncture Bellingham does not follow the empirical ways of the Western scientific method that is why it is not understood nor respected by many self-styled Western professionals.  These people are skeptical about acupuncture’s effects because it does not abide by the procedures and processes of medical practice and thought.  Empirical scientists conclude that there is histological nor anatomical basis for acupuncture concepts such as meridians or acupuncture points that exist in the body. So what then is Chinese acupuncture theory?

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) states that the body has more than 300 acupuncture points with about 14 major meridians crisscrossing these points.  Twelve of these 14 meridians are associated with the major organs of the body.  These meridians serve as vessels of an energy force the Chinese call Qi or chi and it travels all over the body through these channels or meridians.  TCM believes that chi needs to flow freely in order for a person to be in good health.  Whenever chi flow is disturbed for whatever reason, an imbalance develops in health and resulting in illness.  Through acupuncture treatment, TCM believes that balance can be restored and when chi energy flows unimpeded again, the patient recovers.

Acupuncture is much effective for pain relief.  Pain injury, post-surgical pain, rheumatic and arthritic pain, menstrual pain and backache are reportedly relieved by application of acupuncture therapy.  This treatment uses needles to allow normal chi flow once more.

Besides using needles, acupuncture can be combined with other techniques such as laser treatment, moxibustion, herbs, massage, etc.  The use of herbs greatly enhances the efficacy of acupuncture therapy.

Chi for the ancient Chinese is life itself.  For them, the two major organs of the kidneys and lungs as well as energy from nutrients through the digestive system form the essence of chi.  Acupuncture ensures chi flow is normal, not tepid or fast since both ways will result in sickness.  Acupuncture is practically safe and has no side effects whatsoever.

Needles used in acupuncture may elicit fear because of the expectation of pain.  However, the process itself is a virtually painless affair.  There may be some slight sensations of electrical pulsation, numbness or tingling in the point of insertion but as the treatment takes affect, these sensations taper off.  The needles used are really very thin and small needles compared to needles used for injection.  They are non-hollow and are not used for drawing blood.  Acupuncture was introduced in the United States in the 1970’s and it is now a widely popular treatment form in the country. One vital advantage of acupuncture treatment is that is does not entail the use of any Western medicines or drugs since the aim of acupuncture is to assist the body to heal itself.

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