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Acupuncture and Its Role as an Alternative and Complementary Treatment for Health Issues

One of the branches of China’s health that evolved at least 2,500 years ago is acupuncture. Literally translated as “piercing by needles,” acupuncture is a healing practice involving the insertion of filiform needles into the skin to activate specific acupoints in the body for the treatment of certain health conditions.

The theory behind acupuncture is grounded on the belief that that there exists patterns of energy or Qi flow (Qi) in the body that are necessary for health and life. The disruptions or disturbances in this flow are the cause of health conditions. As theorized, acupuncture was created to address the imbalances of Qi flow at acupoints close to the skin.

Stimulating the body is what acupuncture does. Besides the typical procedure of puncturing the skin with fine needles, acupuncturists may also use impulses of electromagnetic energy, suction, friction, pressure, or heat to stimulate the acupoints. Until President visited China in 1972, the use of acupuncture in treating diseases in Miami was rare in American medicine. The visit opened the door and helped introduce acupuncture to the United States. Today, it is a strong alternative treatment or a complementary treatment for today’s conventional treatment modalities.

In order to understand how acupuncture really works, one needs to first become familiar with the fundamentals of Chinese philosophy that emphasizes the essence of the principle of acupuncture. This treatment may ultimately prove to be a very important vehicle for maintaining well-being and good health the way it has gained popularity throughout the world in the past four decades.

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