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Major Acupuncture Ear Points in Cleveland

Ear or auricular acupuncture is one of the most effective forms of alternative treatment for a number of illnesses and diseases such as substance abuse, over eating, depression, among a few.  There are a number of acupuncture points that connect directly to major organs in the body and some to the central nervous system.  These points have networks called meridians that convey the energy to adjust the imbalance of chi, which is the Chinese word for life force in the organs where chi has stagnated due to factors caused by the environment or by high emotions.

Ear acupuncture Cleveland is very beneficial for moody and depressed people.  This treatment helps release endorphins, which makes the body euphoric and calm.  These endorphins when released lessen the addiction craving of the patient enabling him/her to have the willpower to shun the illegal substance he/she is hooked in.  If the addiction has been going on for quite some time, the treatment would normally entail many sessions lasting many months.

There are scores of acupuncture points in the ear.  This article would focus on the points used for the treatment of emotional imbalances.

According to the medical dictionary, the triangular fossa is a depression in the anterior part of the ear auricle between the two crura into which the antihelix divides.  The triangular fossa has meridians connecting to the liver.  These meridians, when blocked, cause liver dysfunction such as hypertension; genitalia disorders like dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation; insomnia and pain.

The thalamus point, located at the base of the concha behind the antitragus, has meridians connected to the hypothalamus and is treated to reduce pain, chronic and acute and also depression, anxiety, insomnia and hypertension.

The master cerebral point is located on the ear lobe and has meridians connected to the cerebrum.  This point when treated heals or mitigates anxiety, worry or fear.

The master sensorial point is also located in the ear lobe just distal from the master cerebral point.  This point relates to the body’s sensory organs and treatment done in this point helps alleviate excessive and harmful sensations.

The strangely named valium analog point or tranquilizer point is located in the tragus and meridians in this point connect to the skin.  As suggested by its name, the valium analog point sedates the body like a tranquilizer and lowers high blood pressure.

The sympathetic autonomous point is located on the ridge superior to the crus of helix.  Meridians in this point connect directly to the sympathetic nervous system and when treated with acupuncture, balances the state of the sympathetic nervous system and promotes good blood and chi flow.

Point zero is the acupuncture point located in the crus of helix and treatment of this brings energy equilibrium to the body.

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