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The Eight Mansion Directions Of Feng Shui

In Chinese, Feng Shui literally means Wind and Water. It is a technique designed to bring in harmony and balance and harmony between our environment and us. Feng Shui, just like the forces of Yin and Yang, is all about balance. Where there is darkness, there is also light; where there is water, there is also fire; where there is darkness, there will also be darkness; etc..

Feng Shui tells us that each person interfaces in a different way to their environment. At times, a specific environment – such as an office or house – is so appropriate for you so much so you notice that everything in your life is well and good. However, it is highly possible that between your environment and yourself there is some kind of imbalance or discord if you are burdened by financial woes or problematic relationships manifesting in your everyday life.

By finely altering your environment, you’ll be able to bring back this balance that will eventually improve your life. This changing of your environment can be as easy as changing the position or angle of your work table, or by purchasing mandarin ducks and other Feng Shui items and putting them in appropriate locations in your office or home.

Genuine traditional Feng Shui has several systems. This article will only talk about one system, the Hsuan Kong system. Hsuan Kong (literally translated as “Mysterious Void” in Chinese) is a comprehensive system made up of convoluted formulae to determine an environment’s optimal composition and positioning.

FengShui School of Pa-Kua (Eight Mansion)

Within the Hsuan Kong system, there are a few sub-schools, including the well-known school of Flying Stars. The depictions in this work are derived from the Eight Mansion or Pa-Kua school. In the Eight Mansion technique, the compass is split into eight directions, with each direction detailed by a trigram. Each of these directions has their own corresponding significance. One of the Eight Mansion directions, for instance, is the relationship or personal direction, which for a person with problematic relationship will be of great interest. The importance of each direction is different for every person depending on what they need in their lives at that moment.

To know how each Eight Mansion direction personally affects you, you’ll need to determine your Kua Number.

Your Kua Number will be determined by the calculator, and more importantly, what each Eight Mansion direction means to you. In other words, four of those directions will have negative overtones and the other four will be favorable or positive to you.

One can briefly summarize the eight Mansion directions this way:

1. Total Loss (Chueh Ming) – This is your death and loss direction. In order to lessen physical death and loss around you, you need to focus on this direction.

2. Six Killings (Liu Sha) – This is an “evil” direction. To defend yourself against evil in your environment, you need to focus on this direction.

3. Five Ghosts (Wu Gwei) – To prevent financial woes and theft, this direction is the one you need to focus on since it is the financial loss direction.

4. Misfortunes (Ho Hai) – if you want to minimize unforeseen loss or accidents, this is the direction you need to focus on. The Ho Hai is the first negative Eight Mansion direction and is your mishap or accident direction.

5. Stability (Fu Wei) – Turn your attention to this direction if you want to attain knowledge and tranquility. This is your direction for knowledge and stability.

6. Relationships (Nien Yin) – If you want to improve your marriage or love life or are in a troubled relationship, you need to focus on this direction which is your relationships direction.

7. Heavenly Doctor (Tien Yi) – If you are interested in physical and health matters this is the direction you need to focus on as it is your health direction.

8. Life Generating (Sheng Chi) – This Eight Mansion direction is your wealth and prosperity direction. If you are interested in financial strength, this is the direction you need to focus on.

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