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The Two Components Of Jing

According to Chinese medicine, most cases of infertility are due to chronic patterns. We basically see systemic deficiencies such as cold in the system, poor digestion, and genetic deficiencies are also some of the factors that contribute to fertility problems.

The Chinese medicine principle of yin and yang are gathering the opposing pathology and physiology into a system of balance, combining opposites in the way of Taoism. Yin basically represents internal signs, cold, and vacuity, while the yang represents external signs, heat, and excess. They aren’t considered as patterns of excess as much as they are viewed as deficiency. Excess yin, therefore, is yang deficiency with signs of slow, deep pulse; white, moist, pale tongue; copious, clear urine; and pale, cold complexion. Excess yang or deficient yin will manifest as a red tongue body; agitation; red face; and heat. In genuine excessive yang, the pulse will be forceful, quick, and surging; the entire face will appear reddish; and there will be signs of fever. In genuine vacuous yin, there will be no coating on the tongue, heat, and a malar flush.

Chinese Medicine Infertility Treatment

To understand the patterns that most frequently manifest that causes the problems of infertility you also need to have an understanding of the functions and action involved. This helps develop the differential diagnosis.


The kidneys have a couple of aspects that are vital for fertility. They are a component of the essence or Jing that has both a yin and yang aspect.

The pre-natal chi is one component of the Jing that we inherited from our parents. This prenatal chi has a yang polarity and is known as the Ministerial Fire. This gives us the power to ‘spark’ conception. Acquired essence is the other component of Jing that is derived from the nutrition and food we take in and is converted by the stomach and spleen. Acquired essence is a substance that has a yin polarity.

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