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Benefits of Miami Acupuncture in Losing Weight

Unlike western medicine where most drugs are produced to merely serve as palliatives, belying the fact that the pharmaceutical industry is not really interested in curing diseases but in profiting from a human being’s suffering, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) observes the whole panorama of human health and resolves to completely heal the human being.

Western medicine merely considers a human body as a machine that needs to be fine-tuned or repaired from time to time.  It does not consider the multi dimensional attribute of a human being, a spiritual being inside a body and a soul that acts as the spirit’s window to incarnate life.  TCM acknowledges this reality and incorporates this into their medical tradition by acknowledging the existence of chi or life force.

Chi is the spirit that animates the body and soul.  All creation possess chi.  Though the Chinese do not call this force God, it may be the closest evidence of a divine reality in the Universe.  The Chinese consider chi as part of nature, not something outside or detached from it and believe the universe is perfect all by itself.

Western medicine tends to view life through a microscope, ignoring the whole organism and merely concentrating on the manifestation of its disease.  Again, this is done deliberately since there is not much money to be made in completely curing a person so the pharmaceutical industry needs to make sure the person would keep coming back buying their medicine.

TCM in general and acupuncture, in particular addresses the root of the disease.  To cite an example where TCM is more beneficial to a person is in weight loss.  Western drug-based modality for weight loss comes in pills like phentermine or Xenical, to name a few of these appetite suppressing drugs.

These two drugs have side effects on the person that are sometimes even worse than the disease they are manufactured to cure.  For phentermine, withdrawal reactions like depression and extreme fatigue can occur if one abruptly stops taking this medication.  Cases like heart palpitations and arrhythmia have been reported by its users.

Xenical users, on the other hand, have reported rectal bleeding, fatigue and anxiety associated with this drug.

Miami Acupuncture users being treated for obesity have never had any complaints of untoward side effects wrought by acupuncture.  On the contrary, most, if not all, of these patients have experienced lightness of being, euphoria and most, importantly, the end of their inordinate craving for food.

The feelings associated with obesity, like depression and anxiety are also cured by acupuncture since it considers obesity as a manifestation of one of several maladies all originating from the slow flow of chi throughout the body.

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