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Headaches, Migraines and Acupuncture Miami

Suffering from migraines or headaches?  The ancient Chinese healing art of acupuncture may be the solution you need.

Acupuncture Miami for the treatment of migraines and headaches has been vastly studied and documented.  A review of the observations by the Cochrane collaboration stated that migraine acupuncture treatment is as potent, if not more potent, than drug therapy, sans the side effects. They also concluded that acupuncture therapy was very effective for chronic tension headaches.

According to the beliefs of traditional Chinese medicine or TCM, pain is the result of energy stagnation in the body.  In the language of TCM or acupuncture in particular, migraine and headaches result from Qi or chi stagnation around the neck or head.  TCM states that there are many approaches in categorizing migraine and headaches.  The symptoms, severity, nature of the pain and location are all considered to get a diagnosis of what is ailing the patient.  It is the duty of the acupuncturist to ask the patient his/her general health, observe the tongue and monitor the pulse.  This type of diagnostic approach is an accurate approach in ascertaining the root cause(s) of the migraines or headaches and it paves the way in formulating the right treatment approach that specifically addresses the patient’s overall health and symptoms.

Headaches are often generated by stress.  The former can happen alongside insomnia, muscular pains or fatigue while migraines often come with photophobia, dizziness and nausea.  Regardless of the causes, acupuncture can be effectively used for the treatment of the real cause of the headache or migraine as well as the resolution of their symptoms.

Most of the time, compressed muscles in the shoulders and neck can substantially contribute or even engender migraines or headaches.  Acupuncture can also be used to relax these tight compressed muscles with often-excellent results.  If one is suffering from muscle spasm and tension for a long time, acupuncture along with Chinese massage can give so much relief from them.

When one opts for a treatment of acupuncture, the acupuncturist will use ultra thin, sterile and tiny needles.  A typical acupuncture treatment uses around 6 to 12 needles.  Some treatments will use acupuncture points in the neck and head and in some other parts of the body.  The techniques that the acupuncturist uses and the size of the needles ascertains that acupuncture treatment will be a painless procedure and most people have discovered the treatment relaxing.  The needles are often left in the skin for around 10 to 40 minutes; some are immediately withdrawn depending on what type of treatment is used.  Some experience a slight tingling sensation as the needles are inserted only to be replaced by a relaxing and euphoric feeling as the treatment begins to take effect.

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