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How do West Orange Acupuncture Needles Work?

West Orange acupuncture needles are used on specific acupuncture point prescriptions to treat pain, injuries or illnesses. It depends on what the acupuncturist is treating to determine how many acupuncture needles are used and what point prescriptions are used. Because many of the points overlap, you can treat two or three different systems by using some of the same points, which are called Master points.

The size of acupuncture needles ranges from 30-36 gauges. Needle size depends on the person and the style of acupuncture being used. The needles are disposed of in a waste container to prevent the spread of microorganisms, diseases and infection. If needles are not disposable most patients would be very cautious about using that specialist. In acupuncture individuals will learn a method called the Universal Precaution for the Healthcare Practitioners use, which means that a specialist is trained to treat every patient as if that person has hepatitis or HIV. We do this to protect ourselves as well as our patient,” she says.

It is believed that the earliest acupuncture instruments were sharp pieces of bone or flint. During the Iron and Bronze ages, metal acupuncture needles began to be developed. Acupuncture needles today are made out of stainless steel and come in various lengths and gauges of width. Acupuncture needles, unlike western standard needles that are used for injections or drawing blood, are solid, not hollow, and have a tapered point for easy insertion into the skin. These needles are so thin that they can fit into a regular needle. Acupuncture is painless; however, some people experience pain if the acupuncture needle is entered wrongly or by an unprofessional acupuncturist.

Once the acupuncture needles are inserted, they remain in place for approximately 20-30 minutes. Some research indicates sticking needles into certain points affects the nervous system and stimulates the body’s production of natural painkilling chemicals such as endorphins and encephalin, and triggers the release of certain neural hormones including serotonin.

The needles are inserted into the acupoints, which are located just beneath the epidermis. Inserting these acupuncture needles helps correct the flow of energy within the body, which helps relieve the pain and restores health. The depths to which the needles are inserted range from a quarter or to an inch into the skin. The acupuncturist then gently twists them or stimulates the needles with an electrical current, known as moxibustion.

The ear is a very suitable location for acupuncture needles to be placed because of its strong connection to the central nervous system and because several meridians run right through the ear. If a needle is placed in the ear, then a smaller fine point gauge is used.

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