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How Many Acupuncture Treatments Do You Need For Your Condition?

People who have read about acupuncture and are considering trying it may be wondering how many sessions are needed to experience the treatment’s positive effects. A lot of them are apprehensive about the use of several needles. Does acupuncture hurt and is it really effective? Knowing more about the methods and application of the treatment will help you know what to expect and will help calm your mind a bit.

The Number and Frequency of Treatment

Your acupuncturist will evaluate your present condition during your initial visit using both modern and traditional methods. Modern methods may involve clinical diagnostic and laboratory tests as well as review of your past medical history, and physical examination. Traditional methods, on the other hand, will rely on tongue and pulse diagnosis and other traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic procedures. To confirm diagnosis, your acupuncturist will need to assess your medical history.

The number, duration, and frequency of acupuncture treatments differ from patient to patient and they are based on the patient’s response to the treatment and age, tolerance to treatment, the sickness being treated, and the presenting symptoms. There are patients who may begin experiencing improvement in just one or three sessions while some patients may need more treatments so that their body can gradually adapt to the stimulation. Minimal frequency and time are usually needed for acute conditions as they are faster and easier to treat. Mild sprains, for example, can be treated within just two sessions while a dozen or more sessions may be needed for chronic fatigue.

After evaluation and diagnosis, your acupuncturist may decide to treat you immediately. Most patients, however, may need to prepare for the treatment and be asked to come back the day after or within a week. In a lot of instances, treatments are conducted only once or thrice each week with the whole treatment plan taking a total of 12 sessions. A session of acupuncture typically lasts for twenty minutes to a full hour. Modern styles of acupuncture that have a scientific basis may be selected although acupuncturists may also utilize dry needling since this technique can take as fast as five to ten minutes to complete. Acupuncture treatment will be needed less and less as the patient improves.

When to Expect Results

Anywhere between the first and fourth sessions most will patients expect to experience positive results. Women suffering from menstrual problems or infertility receiving acupuncture in Vancouver may need to undergo treatment until after three menstrual cycles. As the patient starts responding to the treatment, appointments will be scheduled farther and farther apart.

Acupuncture may not prove to be effective in certain cases. If after three to five sessions, the patient still does not feel anything, it means the treatment does not work for him/her. Instead, the patient may seek other alternative options or even opt for a different form of acupuncture. Chronic conditions may take some time to heal while acute problems improve faster.

Patients who after the initial treatment experience side effects such as mild pain, fatigue, sleepiness, and other serious symptoms should immediately contact their acupuncturist.

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