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Is Acupuncture A Viable Alternative Treatment for Dandruff?

Almost all people suffer from dandruff on a regular basis. The truth is it’s very hard to find someone that hasn’t at least a little bit of dandruff in his/her scalp. The reason for this is because most people are bombarded by the environment around them causing them to experience a number of conditions as a result.

As the largest organ in the human body, the skin is the one most often exposed to the environment and it is also the most vulnerable to damage. This is why a lot of individuals suffer from dandruff and oily oil and dry hair only make it a likely possibility. The fact is people having no problem at all with their hair can also suffer from dandruff because of the environment.

Once the elements or a fungal infection damages a person’s skin, the skin starts to degenerate and dandruff can ensue. What are the modalities to offset this problem?

To avoid this condition, you need to look for a way to treat it, preferably in an effective and natural way.

Very few people are aware that acupuncture is actually a very effective type of treatment for dandruff. This ancient modality has been practiced for over 5 millennia and not only does it do a good job boosting circulation to the scalp, it also can improve the function of the other organ systems in the body enabling you to reap other extra health benefits as well.

It is good to know, however, that more and more people are becoming aware of acupuncture’s potency in dealing with several types of skin conditions including dandruff. One big issue, though, is that because it involves needles, some people are hesitant to try out acupuncture as a way of treating their dandruff.

If you have concerns, I suggest that you pay a visit to a licensed acupuncturist ahead of time and be thoroughly informed of how this treatment is done and what benefits one can reap from it. You will be able to put your mind at ease knowing that there’s no real danger when experiencing this type of treatment.

Acupuncture does not only help remove your dandruff, it addresses the underlying cause of your problem making sure that you will never ever have to deal with that problem again. Acupuncture can entirely cure you of dandruff and not simply mask its symptoms.


Christina Prieto is an Orlando acupuncturist, a certified Yoga instructor and the founder of Harmony Wellness center in central Florida.

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