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The Need To Integrate Qi Gong And Tai Chi Into Conventional Treatment

Although it is known in China that Tai Chi has certain benefits for people with diabetes, searching for articles about the topic online is quite hard to come by. Tai Chi practitioners believe they have the ability boost microcirculation and that Tai Chi is an extremely effective technique to manage stress. Furthermore, it burns very gently a considerable amount of calories and has been proven to actually aid the body to attain levels of chemical homeostasis. A Tai Chi study dealing with sex hormones, for example, was shown to create a “balancing effect” on the chemistry of the hormones of the test subjects, reducing the high levels of abnormal estrogen in older men, while increasing low levels of abnormal estrogen in older women.

Other studies have also yielded the same outcomes that led me to assume that significant research has probably done on the benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi’s for people suffering from diabetes, proven that at least these outcomes initially indicate Qigong and Tai Chi may present much to a person with diabetes. But from Western medical studies, there doesn’t appear much out there in terms of qigong and tai chi as a complement therapy for diabetes.

However, there are two Chinese medical establishment researches had extremely thrilling results. A study conducted by the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology discovered that blood sugar can be successfully reduced by performing Qi Gong exercises. In the study, almost 43 percent of the participants were able to take reduce their medication intake while consuming more staple foods. Another study by the Nanjing University showed that metabolic condition of type II diabetes mellitus with geriatric obesity could be regulated by Tai Chi exercise through the stabilization of the endocrine¬-nervous system of the body. The question is why is there very little Western medicine research done on this?

Regrettably, less that 0.5 percent of funding from NIH goes to study all complementary or alternative health modalities. This implies that this very small slice of NIH budget pie is all shared by homeopathy, herbal medicine, meditation, yoga, etc. A lot of the benefits sufferers of various diseases have gained from Qigong and Tai Chi will not benefit the millions of others with such conditions until the NIH allocates adequate funding/attention for Qigong and Tai Chi research. Until adequate research is conducted, doctors will not have the necessary knowledge to provide their patients with enough information about Qigong and Tai Chi as potential viable treatment options.

Nonetheless, you can request your physician to do a bit of research on this for you. In the meantime, let’s look at recommendations for diabetes therapy that are currently available, and then systematically compare the benefits of Tai Chi benefits to determine if it can be a viable therapeutic complement for diabetes. It is important to note that you should not treat yourself. This article meant to encourage a dialogue between your doctor and you which hopefully can sway him to campaign on your behalf to get very effective natural health modalities such as Tai Chi fully studied so that you have the utmost potential choices for your health plan.

Exercise, diet and the achievement of the appropriate body weight are the key components of any therapeutic plan for type 2 diabetes. Tai Chi has been shown to be an ideal exercise that besides have benefits to the cardiovascular system (approximately similar to moderate impact aerobics), also can help burn a significant amount of calories more than the burning of calories from surfing, and downhill skiing. To people with diabetes, gentle exercise as Tai Chi may be important to attain such cardiovascular benefits and caloric burning benefits.

According to, an internet health site, the form of exercise a patient performs is essential to his well being. The site states “People suffering from active diabetic retinopathy are not advised to do exercises involving heavy lifting or straining since these exertions can bring about eye damage. They need to realize that nerve damage due to high levels of blood sugar levels can result in sensation loss in the feet, with a consequential elevated likelihood of ulceration and blistering. People suffering from increasing heart damage due to high blood sugar need to be aware about the danger of sudden heart failure and death. Tai Chi may be promising for the health of the heart with is extremely important to diabetes sufferers. The BBC News 2004, October 9 reported that Tai Chi is able to treat heart failure. The study, according to the British Heart Foundation, was “very good news” and in the UK, Tai Chi can be integrated into treatment programmes in the future.”

We need to repeat once more that you should never treat yourself and all potential treatments should be considered in conjunction with your doctor. Talking about Qi Gong and Tai Chi with your doctor will hopefully result in a more reasonable allocation funding of medical research towards other natural health therapies such as Qigong and Tai. It is with sincere hope that medical researchers will study Qigong and Tai Chi with an effort desire to discover “why it helps a lot of people” rather than following a sinister ulterior motive to prove that it doesn’t work. It’s also is just as important the way studies are conducted as the studies are done.

It is for the benefit of doctors and their patients to find for themselves what Qigong and Tai Chi health techniques have to offer as these two therapies are more and more offered by medical universities to would be doctors and nurses. The prospect of healthcare need not be a war between conventional allopathic therapies and alternative therapies, but a growth of conventional therapies to cover whatever works best for the patient. A lot of people in the medical profession are great supporters of such a vision.

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Magnotherapy & Acudetox Can Help A Child With ADD/ADHD

Magnotherapy involves the application small magnets in specific acupuncture points on each ear. The best complementary treatment for this procedure is the Acudetox (Acupuncture Detoxification) technique in which five needles are stuck into predetermined acupoints in both ears.

In certain instances, an electronic pointer is used in children who are scared of needles to stimulate the acupoints. However, it is essential to point out that electro stimulation is a less effective treatment than traditional needling acupuncture. Normally, treatment will last about 45 minutes. Thereafter, small gold magnets are attached on the shen men point on the ear’s posterior.

One may require a total of 22 treatments one session each week for up to five months with the magnets being replaced each week. The magnets help balance the polarity of the brain’s right and left hemispheres helping maintaining the stability of the electrical function and chemistry of the brain.

Toxicity is the main culprit for most cases of ADD /ADHD. Unfortunately, a majority of the children with this problem suffer from learning disorders and are treated with ritalin and at times have to undergo psychiatric counseling.

ADD – Its Causes

According to Western medicine ADD/ADHD is the result of dysfunctional or unstable brain chemistry.

In Oriental medicine ADD/ADHD is due to a dysfunctional body. This means some of the body organs are improperly functioning caused by an imbalanced brain ability/function and chemistry.

Modern conventional therapies don’t have the means to detect the imbalances in the organs. What they can do is to measure the organ function’s polarity through the use of an electro meter/pointer/stimulator.

Various factors can bring about focusing, logical, and emotional impairment. They can include:

• Loss of interest due to lack of direction, purpose, or vision
• Loss of interest in life due to stress at home
• Poor management of behavioral boundaries by the parents
• Belief that failure will is inevitable in every endeavor undertaken
• Belief that there’s no point in living
• Lack of love or attention at home
• Poor self-esteem
• Poor diet
• Bad role models
• Distrust or lack of belief in the educational system, the feeling of being just a number
• Inability to fit into the group
• Undetected damage in the brain
• Asperger’s autism that’s undiagnosed or misdiagnosed
• Poor hearing or eyesight
• Low IQ

Addressing all these aforementioned factors can be very inconvenient and time consuming and this inconvenience is perhaps the most likely reason why parents resort to having their child on medication to address their unacceptable behavior. Each case of ADD/ADHD must be properly studied.

Magnetotherapy and Acudetox are very good in balancing the behavior, mind, brain, and body of the person when the cause of the ADD/ADHD is body imbalance. Usually the origin of an unbalanced body organ can be traced back as far as birth. Some kids are born with dangerous afflictions or various complications in which case, modern methods (such as drugs) are required stabilize, treat, or even save the life of the child.

However, we need to realize that modern medications are chemicals that carry a lot of toxins. When they are given to help save the life of a child, in the long term, it leads to organ dysfunction of body toxicity (dysfunctional brain chemistry). According to Chinese Medicine, a healthy regulated organ function is a sign of a healthy brain chemistry function and body. Nowadays, brain and body dysfunction is very much widespread.

The air we breathe, the food and water we take, and especially the drugs we take can now be poisons to our body. When these elements cause ADD/ADHD, then Magnetotherapy and Acudetox are the best therapies that should be considered. Diet as well as parenting techniques and boundary issues should also be included in the treatment plan for ADD/ADHD.

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Chinese Nutritional Therapy For Treatment Of Kidney Disease

Despite being responsible for so many things in our daily life, diet is not a thing that we spend enough time focusing on. Food therapy helps us choose the right foods to eat and guides people to good health. Kidney disease is a serious chronic medical condition that requires an appropriate care on diet.

Chinese Nutritional Therapy

Chinese Nutritional Therapy is a component of an ancient Eastern medical system known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. This therapy aims to achieve healing through consumption of natural foods rather than the use of drugs. It is designed to improve a patient’s diet and it is not about going on a diet. It allows them to eat easy to prepare and tasty food that everyone can enjoy and be bought from any local market. Chinese Nutritional Therapy is all about enhancing health and wellbeing without yielding all the good stuff.

How is Chinese Nutritional Therapy Applied?

From the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Vancouver, foods are sorted in two types – Yin food and Yang food. On the one hand, the Yin type of foods is believed to reduce the heat in the body; on the other hand, the Yang types of food are known to increase body heat. The goal of Chinese Nutritional Therapy is to preserve the balance of Yin and Yang in the body by using the both types of food in a proper way. When one eats too much Yin food, he might become anemic or lethargic; conversely, when a person eats lots of Yang food, he might suffer from bad breath and acne.

Benefits Gained From Managing Kidney Disease

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are the center of the Yin and Yang of the body – the origin of life. The basis of the whole body’s Yin fluid is Kidney Yin, which nourishes and moistens the tissues and organs. The basis of the Yang energy (Chi) of the entire body is Kidney Yang, which promotes and warms the functions of the tissues and organs.

Aliments develop in the renal tissues when the Kidney yin and yang is out of balance.

Chinese Nutritional Therapy can aid in restoring Yin and Yang balance in the kidneys by either increasing or lessening the consumption of Yin or Yang foods. This idea that foods have an intrinsic “hot” or “cold” or “yin” or “yang” quality is widespread throughout mainland China. This viewpoint has been adopted by other kinds of food therapies in order to treat different kinds of kidney diseases. Chinese Nutritional Therapy recipes are infinitely varied and the use of a recipe will be based on the taste and health benefits needed for the patient.

What to Expect From Chinese Nutritional Therapy

Chinese Nutritional Therapy is designed to spark a lifetime of change centered on your health, your attitude toward food, as well as your eating habits.

The Benefits That Can Be Gained From Chinese Nutritional Therapy Include:

• The chance to learn how to prepare delicious, easy to make, quick, and healthy meals
• A renewed relationship between your kidneys and food
• Improved wellbeing and health
• Increased energy and a new zest for life
• An assurance in knowing the food one eats will support his kidneys.
• Sustainable and new healthy habits that will improve your kidney conditions in positive and dramatic ways

The Syndromes Associated With Cold

The pernicious factor known as cold is considered a pathogenic yin qi. Its nature is to slow down movement, causing contraction, tightness, stagnation, and weak circulation. Cold can invade the lungs, skin, and muscles when it is an external pernicious factor. Cold can also cause disorder in the regular functions of the kidneys, abdomen, and spleen when it is an internal pernicious factor.

Cold Syndromes

1. Cold Clotting the Liver Meridian: The genital area is one of the regions where the liver meridian passes through. This syndrome is an indication of cold in that meridian. Hernia pain and testicular pain are some of its symptoms. Herbs, acupuncture, and moxibustion can resolve this imbalance effectively within a short period of time.

2. Cold Invading the Abdomen and Spleen: Cold wreaks digestive symptoms such as watery diarrhea, clear vomit, and stomach pain in this externally induced syndrome. Despite being usually caused by an externally contracted abdominal bacteria or virus (commonly referred to as abdominal flu) or cold, this syndrome can also be brought about by eating ice cream and other types of cold food.

3. Blockage Due to Cold: This condition, which is traditionally called cold blockage (bi) pain, usually manifests as joint pain or body aches that is palliated by warmth. Arthritis is the usual Western diagnosis for this pattern of disharmony. The pain usually exacerbates in cold weather and the cold can actually feel cold to the touch since this syndrome is exclusively caused by cold. The aim of Chinese medicine is to warm the meridians wherein blood and vital energy (chi) flow and boost circulation by means of herbal remedies, acupuncture, and moxibustion in Orlando.

4. Wind Cold: Combined with wind pernicious factor, cold invades the body’s exterior as well as the lungs, causing a congested nose, stiff neck and shoulders, upper body aches, pain at the base of the skull (occipital headache), lack of perspiration, and chills. The effect of wind results in the symptoms suddenly reappearing and affecting the upper body resulting in muscle contraction that causes the pain and stiffness. This syndrome causes clear nasal secretions which is one sign of cold. The plan of treatment is to expel the wind and diffuse the cold with moxibustion, acupuncture, and warm diaphoretic herbs.

5. Deficient Kidney Yang: This syndrome can make the person especially susceptible to cold. This is because the kidneys are where yang metabolic fire for the whole body originates. Symptoms include pain in the lower back, fluid retention (edema), frequent urination, weak sex drive, cold limbs, and an inability to stay warm. Deficient kidney yang can be rectified with the intake of herbs and long-term application of moxibustion that tonify kidney yang, thereby reinforcing metabolic fire.

6. Deficient Spleen Yang: Cold can seriously weaken digestive function especially if there is an underlying spleen yang deficiency (heat and energy deficiency required in order to digest food). Symptoms of this syndrome include a slow pulse, edema, cold limbs, and watery stools with undigested food. When external pernicious cold is combined with this underlying deficiency, the imbalance can be quite difficult to cure.

The first aim of treatment is to eliminate the cold pernicious factor. Then, the kidney and spleen yang should be tonified to give rise to a long-term boost in the basic metabolism of the body, or its potential to retain the heat required for healthy digestion, which in traditional Chinese medicine is known as metabolic (life-gate) fire. Deficient spleen yang is treated with warming herbs and moxibustion that tonify spleen yang.

The Two Components Of Jing

According to Chinese medicine, most cases of infertility are due to chronic patterns. We basically see systemic deficiencies such as cold in the system, poor digestion, and genetic deficiencies are also some of the factors that contribute to fertility problems.

The Chinese medicine principle of yin and yang are gathering the opposing pathology and physiology into a system of balance, combining opposites in the way of Taoism. Yin basically represents internal signs, cold, and vacuity, while the yang represents external signs, heat, and excess. They aren’t considered as patterns of excess as much as they are viewed as deficiency. Excess yin, therefore, is yang deficiency with signs of slow, deep pulse; white, moist, pale tongue; copious, clear urine; and pale, cold complexion. Excess yang or deficient yin will manifest as a red tongue body; agitation; red face; and heat. In genuine excessive yang, the pulse will be forceful, quick, and surging; the entire face will appear reddish; and there will be signs of fever. In genuine vacuous yin, there will be no coating on the tongue, heat, and a malar flush.

Chinese Medicine Infertility Treatment

To understand the patterns that most frequently manifest that causes the problems of infertility you also need to have an understanding of the functions and action involved. This helps develop the differential diagnosis.


The kidneys have a couple of aspects that are vital for fertility. They are a component of the essence or Jing that has both a yin and yang aspect.

The pre-natal chi is one component of the Jing that we inherited from our parents. This prenatal chi has a yang polarity and is known as the Ministerial Fire. This gives us the power to ‘spark’ conception. Acquired essence is the other component of Jing that is derived from the nutrition and food we take in and is converted by the stomach and spleen. Acquired essence is a substance that has a yin polarity.

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Acupuncture Is The Best Alternative Method To Help You Lose Weight

Acupuncture is an alternative treatment technique that has produced incontrovertible positive results in helping people to lose weight. It is an overwhelming choice for many people over the various diet pills that are composed of dangerous chemicals and generate adverse side effects. For most people, it’s really tough to follow an exercise and diet plan and this is why most of them seek alternative ways to trim their body weight.

Practiced in the Orient for thousands of years, acupuncture is a healing method that is becoming more recognized and popular due to its consistency and efficacy. Because people tend to indulge in overeating, it is essential that they need to lose weight. Overeating causes their bodies to store excess food as weight that transforms into fat which causes them excess weight problems.

People who are overweight tend to be more frustrated in life. They are usually anxious and stressful and based on the latest survey, people who suffer from excessive stress gratify themselves by overeating but they will avoid eating too much if the stress is reduced.

Acupuncture treatment is a procedure that involves the piercing of needles into certain parts of the body in order to stimulate pressure points in the skin that generates therapeutic and health boosting results. When a needle is stuck into a pressure point, the patient experiences a tingling sensation. This is usually a sign that the treatment is working well.

In Chinese medicine, the main focal part of the body that is connected to weight loss is the ear. When a person begins to crave for food, needles are stuck into predetermined points on his body. The needles stimulate the body to release feel-good hormones called endorphins that help the patient control his food cravings and make him relax. A bead or magnet is attached to a pressure point on the ear and the patient only needs to press this bead/magnet whenever he has strong unnecessary food cravings in order to control and eliminate these cravings.

Acupuncture treatment curbs or removes food cravings in such a way that the person’s weight gets controlled by timely appropriate diet that assists the patient into staying fit, healthy, and reenergized. Although it is quite an odd way to lose weight, getting your ears pierced has been practiced for hundreds of years as one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

A typical acupuncture weight loss treatment in Vancouver is administered two times a week until the person achieves the desired weight. Along with the treatment, the acupuncturist will recommend a normal exercise program and a healthy diet regimen to get long lasting and the best possible results.

Auricular or ear acupuncture has been a very good way to lose weight as it has led to incredible results time and time again. It’s a widely recognized treatment that’s practiced all over the world.

Acupressure Can Be Very Helpful For Pregnant Women Nearing Labor

If you are pregnant, you need to know that acupressure can help make your labor a lot less arduous. This natural therapy can be useful in relieving pain and in the inducement of labor.

Listed below are five questions that pregnant women may have regarding acupressure:

1. Have there been any studies done on acupressure therapy for labor?

Yes, there are. One noted study performed in Korea’s Dankook University showed that 30 minute acupressure treatment on the Sp 6 point on pregnant women led to a shortened labor time compared to women in the control group not given acupressure.

2. Can a person with no experience in using acupressure perform the procedure on another person?

Even if you are not a specialist, you can administer acupressure effectively. No special training or massage technique is required although you may need to have some knowledge and skills to perform this procedure well. The important thing to remember is the pressure points needs to be palpated and then press them with your elbows, hands, thumbs, or fingers. NOTE: Pressure to the point needs to be sustained until the woman feels fine. Never overdo because it may harm the person.

3. Are any special tools needed to perform acupressure?

You don’t need any tools to perform acupressure. Your own massage procedures and your hands are the only tools you need. The things you need to consider are: the treatment’s effect on each pressure point; and the skills of applying pressure with your elbows, hands, thumbs, or fingers.

4. When is the best time to have acupressure if you want to induce labor through it?

Several studies prove acupressure is a great way to induce labor before the due period. Some doctors believe that acupressure is one of the best natural ways to bring about labor. Hence, it is vital that one needs to select very carefully the time of labor induction. Experienced acupressure therapists believe that three to four days before the due time is the safest time to use acupressure for the induction of labor.

5. When is the right moment to start receiving acupressure to relieve labor pain?

During the onset of labor is the right time to get acupressure to alleviate pain during labor. According to researchers, when acupressure is performed on a woman at the start of labor, it led to a significant decrease in her labor pain. It really helps when the correct acupressure points are stimulated because this will result in the maximal reduction of labor pain.

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Foods That Can Help Restore Kidney Balance And Make It Run At Optimal Levels

Nutrition has played a vital role in Chinese medicine for a long time, generating health within people. There are specific foods that help strengthen a certain organ system including the kidney, metal, liver, spleen, and heart systems. Each of these systems has an express role in the functioning of the body. The nutritional requirements of the kidney organ system will be the topic of this article.

In Chinese medicine, the kidney organ system’s main function is to maintain the strength of a person’s willpower, control urine flow, optimize the function of the brain, preserve bone health, regulate growth and reproduction, and house life essence. Every other organ systems are affected by the kidneys. When kidney function is out of balance, symptoms such as ear disease or infections, loss of hearing, dental problems, lower back pain, weakening of the knees may occur. Another sign of a kidney imbalance is hair problems including premature graying, split ends, and hair loss. Any reproductive, sexual, or urinary health issues are also kidney-related issues and so too are excessive insecurity and fear, poor development and growth, and premature ovarian failure.

We can drink or eat various foods to help strengthen the kidney organ system. Of these, drinking water is perhaps, the most important thing to do. Water is the element associated with water and so to keep yourself well-hydrated, remind yourself to drink water throughout the day.

The kidney system can also benefit from salty flavored foods such as kimchi (a Korean dish), sauerkraut, miso, tamari, seaweed, and sea salt.

It’s important that you balance your salt intake. Switch to sea salt from table salt and do not consume too much salt.

Believe it or not, the kidney system can also benefit by eating foods shaped like a kidney. These include most beans but especially kidney beans, and black beans. This is called the doctrine of signatures, which states that herbs and foods that look like certain parts of the body can be utilized to resolve issues of that part of the body. The doctrine of signatures is a philosophy usually followed by most herbalists.

Black and blue foods such as figs, black beans, mulberries, blackberries, and blueberries can support the function of the kidney. The blue and black color is affiliated to the kidney element of water.

Eating certain seafoods can also be good for the kidney. These can include seaweeds, shrimp, fish, oysters, mussels, fresh water clams, and crab. Meat products such as duck, duck eggs, chicken and chicken eggs as well as pork are also good for the kidneys.

Seeds that reinforce the kidneys include black sesame, sunflower, flax, and pumpkin seeds. They all help regulate fertility and growth, which are physiological functions that the kidneys govern.

When a certain organ system is out of balance, you can help restore it to normal function by choosing the right foods to eat. With acupuncture treatment administered by a licensed acupuncturist in Orlando, you can get your body working at optimal levels and help your system feel great!

The Effects Of Cupping Therapy Can Help Eliminate A Lot Of Physical Illnesses

One aspect of Traditional Chinese Medicine that’s rising in popularity in the US is cupping. You may not have heard of the treatment before but rest assured, it can provide with you tons of benefits – from relieving acute and chronic pain to curing certain respiratory diseases.

What is Cupping Therapy?

An ancient form of Chinese medicine, cupping is a procedure that uses a cup or cups that are applied to the skin with the pressure in the cup reduced (either by suction or heat) in order to hold and draw the skin and superficial muscles into the cup to produce a therapeutic effect. The practitioner moves the cup while the suction is active which causes the muscle and skin to be pulled. This procedure is known as gliding cupping.

Cupping therapy focuses on certain acupuncture points and areas of the body that are experiencing pain, where the pain is more profound deeper than the tissues to be pulled. Greater emphasis is placed on acupuncture points located on the back because this treatment is most easily performed when done on the back. Most practitioners utilize the da shui, bladder meridian, and back shu acupoints. Cupping is usually used after plum blossom treatment, bloodletting, or acupuncture.

The meridian theory of the body is where cupping treatment is based. Cupping opens up the meridians and eliminates stagnation in the body so that energy can move without hindrance. Cupping also aids in the rejuvenation of organs and certain energy channels that are not functioning optimally. From the viewpoint of science, cupping has been proven to repair deep tissue injury, enhance blood and energy flow, and activate the lymphatic system.

How Cupping Therapy is Done

Cupping treatment oftentimes uses glass cups although sometimes, bamboo cups are also used. The cups used come with a valve that connects to a small manual pump, enabling the healer to pump out air without having to use fire to first depressurize the cup. This also allows them to have better control over the amount of suction. Cupping is also referred to as suction cup therapy or ba guan fa.

Oil infused with medicinal herb extracts is applied to the skin in order to allow the cups to move smoothly over the skin. The cups are used at room temperature. The moving cups generate a little friction which produces a small amount of heat that adds to the potency of the therapy.

For about 10 to 15 minutes, the cups are left in place. Due to the congestion of blood and the suction’s effect on the capillaries, the skin will bruise and redden and turn purplish. Afterwards, the cup is then removed from the skin. This is done by pressing the skin on one side causing outside air to enter the cup and equalize the pressure.

Conditions Cupping Therapy Can Address

Cupping is usually performed to address paralysis, lung conditions (asthma and chronic coughing), gastrointestinal disorders, and pain, although it can also be useful for other illnesses. It should not be used on inflamed skin and should be only performed over fleshy parts of the body. It should not be used on people, who are easily bruised, suffer from convulsions or those with a high fever. In pregnant women, cupping should not be performed on their lower back region.

The effects of cupping therapy can be felt deep within the body, actually, as deep as four inches into the tissues, causing these tissues to release toxins. Cupping can also enhance the appearance of varicose veins, eliminate stretch marks, activate the skin, clear and energize the capillaries, arteries, and veins, clear colon blockages, and stimulate the lymphatic system.

Jamie Catlett is an acupuncturist in Jacksonville, FL and the founder of Jacksonville Acupuncture Clinic.

The Difference Between Chinese Medicine And Western Medicine

While Chinese medicine is deemed in the West as alternative medicine, it is still used as a primary form of treatment by a lot of people in China, which it has been so for thousands of years. However, more and more people in the West are now turning to this type of medicine because they prefer a natural approach to healing rather than using synthetically manufactured drugs that come with really bad side effects.

How Chinese medicine began is not really known although it is believed its practice dates back more than 5,000 years ago. The first documented history mentioning Chinese medicine come from the Canon of Internal Medicine (Hung-Di Nei-Jing) which is believed to be more than 2,000 years old and is ascribed to the Yellow Emperor, although there is still debate over the authors and dates.

Most of us know about the basic forms of Chinese medicine like acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine in Bellingham. Some may know that Chinese medicine also includes food therapy, qi gong, and massage therapy. However, only a few people are aware that Chinese medicine and all types of ancient therapies focus more on the restoration of balance and harmony to prevent the rise of conditions instead of treatment of a disease.

The main reason for illness is the lack or absence of balance or harmony in the body. While modern Western medicine uses vaccines and antibiotics to destroy viruses and bacteria, Chinese medicine uses a holistic approach and addresses imbalance to build the body and make it strong enough to resist all types of diseases and illnesses.

These days, more and more medical schools in the West are including alternative medicine subjects in their curricula. However the relationship between Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine is still contentious. Compared to their Chinese counterparts, older Western physicians tend to view Chinese medicine as a form of pseudo medicine.

However, far from being seen as useless in the West, Chinese medicine is slowly being acknowledged by scientists, doctors, and researchers as effective for certain conditions that cannot be treated by Western medicine. Moreover, a growing number of Western hospitals are now offering Qi Gong and Tai Chi classes as part of their health and inpatient programs.

Although Chinese Medicine is still tagged as alternative medicine in the West, more than 75 percent of the world’s population uses it as a primary form of treatment and it is in the fields of prevention and dealing with emotional or physical conditions that it excels. Chinese medicine is free of risks and is a therapeutic and non-invasive form of treatment.

The views about Chinese medicine are rapidly changing by the day and more and more people are willing to try it especially after Western medicine has failed to address their problem or because they are just so sick and tired of taking prescription and OTC medications that do not work and give them nasty side effects. More people are taking a proactive approach to their health and well being by maintaining their health through Chinese medicine and by exercising and eating the right foods. This is really the best way to avoid falling into illness and disease.