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Respiratory illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis obviously are common respiratory conditions

Health issues such as respiratory illnesses can make the activity of breathing a laborious effort for a lot of US citizens. Respiratory diseases such as COPD, bronchitis and asthma can significantly affect a person’s quality of life making exercise, sleep and work an otherwise enjoyable regular experience. Antibiotics or inhalers are the medications that a lot of people with respiratory illness often rely on; however, they can cause damaging effects to health if one doesn’t use them properly or endeavor to wean out of them eventually. Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture are options to treat the symptoms of these conditions either holistically and naturally.

In Chinese medicine, as one might expect, the lungs are the organ systems that are responsible for respiratory issues. The body benefits from the lung’s intake of air and combining it with the foods in the digestive system providing the body with nutrients and energy that the body needs to thrive and survive.

Besides this, the lungs perform other important functions such as fortifying the immune system and fluid distribution. A lot of individuals with respiratory problems can have chronic edema or water retention in the lungs. The lungs help keep fluids circulating throughout the body. However, the lungs are quite vulnerable organs and they can be easily infected with virus or bacteria that may result in pneumonia or bronchitis. Optimally functioning lungs are strong enough to ward off the flu or colds even when they are surrounding by sick people.

Chinese medicine also considers the kidneys as having a vital role in respiration and breathing. Traditional Chinese medicine states that that the kidneys help “capture” the air that is inhaled, and like a vacuum cleaner draw it down into the body. This can explain why asthmatic people find it very hard to draw a deep breath compared to the relative ease of their exhaling that same breath. An unhealthy kidney functions poorly thus the amount of air and oxygen that reaches the lungs are oftentimes not adequate enough causing the overall health of the person to fall. Besides making the lungs strong, an acupuncturist can include herbal remedies and acupuncture to strengthen the kidneys as well.

Respiratory illnesses such as asthma and bronchitis obviously are common respiratory conditions. These conditions and in many cases, more deadly diseases such as lung cancer can likewise be treated with herbal remedies and acupuncture. Mesothelioma that can come from asbestos exposure cannot be cured by acupuncture although its symptoms can be alleviated with regular sessions of acupuncture. With correct diagnosis and thorough monitoring, Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture can help with appetite loss, remove nausea, alleviate coughing spells and relieve pain brought about by chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Worthwhile to mention are complementary and alternative therapies that can be utilized along with Western medicine.

If you find it very hard to normally breathe everyday or you find it very difficult coping with colds once the weather becomes colder, one of the best things you can do about it is to talk to a licensed Chinese herbalist or acupuncturist. These health professionals can provide you with the treatment that you need to be released off these problematic respiratory conditions.

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